Retreat with Swami Amar Jyoti

Just feel: Light is in me. Drop into That, without pre-thought or afterthought, and you will feel relaxed in an instant.


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Throughout these twelve Satsangs, Swami Amar Jyoti reveals the way to enlightened living for seekers from all traditions. On the path to Liberation, we have to honestly deal with our mind. When we deal with mind courageously, we go beyond bitterness / sweetness to transcendence. On this Yogic path, we are guided by Gurudeva to transform the mind to stillness. With wisdom, humor and illuminating guidance, the Master shows the way from human existence to awakened existence—Enlightenment. This journey through life and death opens the doorway to freedom, the bliss of Knowing and Being. Given during a retreat at Sacred Mountain Ashram in October, 1991.

The Satsangs in This Retreat:

1 Mind, Mantra and Unity
2 The Tapestry of Totality
3 Receiving the Light
4 Yogic Spiritual Training
5 Transforming the Mind to Stillness
6 Doorway to Freedom
7 The Journey of Life and Death
8 The Universal Form of God
9 Akashic Records: All Is He
10 The Bliss of Knowing and Being
11 Purity of the Lotus
12 God’s Presence on Our Path

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