Retreat with Swami Amar Jyoti

In that Awakening there is no sleep, no sadness, no misery, no sickness. There is nothing to lament about and nothing to aspire to. It is not a possession; it is a state of Being, Consciousness. By being Aware you become fully identified with that Truth so that the false identifications crumble.


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How can we live each day in the abiding joy of God’s love? We need to dive deep within to discover our own Source. Nothing is impossible when we tread the path quietly, smoothly and imperceptibly. As seekers we need to be patient, tolerant and loving with others while maintaining our own way. By surrendering to the Lord we are purified to awaken to our Pure Consciousness.

Recorded in 1982 at the Sixth Annual Spiritual Retreat in Colorado, in the intimate atmosphere of these Satsangs Swami Amar Jyoti gives luminous spiritual guidance and answers numerous questions on practices and a yogic lifestyle with wisdom, humor and love. Some environmental background sounds are present during several Satsangs but Gurudeva’s voice is clear throughout.

Satsangs in this Retreat:

1 Boldness of Free Thinking
2 Expanding into Full Awareness
3 A Sharp Focus on Our Lives
4 Going Below the Surface Mind
5 Allowing Consciousness to Rise
6 Describing the Indescribable
7 Focus, Intensity and Dedication
8 Our First Obligation
9 The Harmony of the Cosmos
10 The Way of Wisdom
11 In Love with Shining Truth
12 The Life of the Initiate
13 Lord Shiva’s Dance
14 Getting to the Source of Everything

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