Retreat with Swami Amar Jyoti

Light is the nearest possible to us but do we sincerely wish for it? You are already Enlightened—you just don’t know it! Thou Art That. Will it and it will happen. This is the way to joy.


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We can be conscious contributors to higher global consciousness by accepting that our every thought and deed contributes to the collective energy. Dharma, living by spiritual laws, is the foundation for Enlightenment. A spiritual outlook on ethics and.

The proper use of will gives us a quantum leap to the Ultimate. Consciousness is already expanded; we just have to open and see. Our part is not to bargain with God but to open our hearts and love Him. Humbling and softening the ego automatically brings us to abandonment, love, freedom, joy and peace. How to maintain our focus on the Light throughout all activities; aids to remembrance and inspiration. When we raise our consciousness, we see the beauty of creation: God has become all this.

Satsangs in this Retreat:

1 A New Century of Light
2 Dharma—Foundation for Enlightenment
3 God Has Become All This
4 Transforming Habits and Desire
5 Opening The Gates of Light
6 The Only Real Cure for Fear
7 Remembrance of The Light

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