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Publications of Truth Consciousness

Truth Consciousness publishes the books and audio and video Satsangs of Swami Amar Jyoti, Light of Consciousness Journal of Spiritual Awakening, the Prayer & Meditation Wall Calendar, Kirtan and Sacred Chants, and other inspiring publications available on ...
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Visiting Ashrams & Retreats

Sacred Mountain Ashram and Desert Ashram were founded by Swami Amar Jyoti, our Gurudeva, in the mid-1970s. The natural beauty, peace and the uplifting vibrations of the Guru offer a sanctuary for meditation and reflection. The Ashrams are ...
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Ashrams & Programs

The ashrams in the USA are located outside Boulder, Colorado and in Tucson, Arizona. Each ashram is situated in a setting of natural beauty on extensive acreage, pervaded by an atmosphere of peace and reverence for all life ...
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Our Non-Profit

Founded in 1974 by Swami Amar Jyoti
Truth Consciousness is a non-profit spiritual organization that maintains ashrams based upon Sanatana Dharma (the eternal religion) and devoted to the unfolding of consciousness. The ashrams are universal and ...
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Swami Amar Jyoti

Human evolution and upliftment of consciousness do not come about through cultural or technological advance, but more by the blessing of spiritual unfoldment. In this sacred process, the Master-disciple relationship is paramount, so much so that it ...
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Light of Consciousness – Autumn Issue Now Available!

See more and order here Our Autumn Special issue, MEDITATION & SPIRITUAL PRACTICES, includes articles to encourage and inspire you on your own chosen path. Featuring Swami Amar Jyoti’s Satsang: Sadhana: Faith and Devotion in Spiritual Practices, this ...
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Coming Soon

What we call creation is changing phenomena.
That is why Realized Souls say to be detached
from form and name and be devoted to the contents.
Identify yourself with the form and name–you will have to lament. Identify ...
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Sacred Mountain Ashram News

We’ve had an abundance of rain this summer and our 108 acres at Sacred Mountain Ashram are lush with wild grasses and flowers like no other year! Summertime Projects Repairs and renovations are in full swing during ...
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God and His creation are inseparable. They are one. True bliss is in this oneness. ~ SWAMI AMAR JYOTI It’s our joy and privilege to share with you the various happenings at Gurudeva’s ashrams. And to thank all ...
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Holy Days

Buddha Purnima On May 4th we celebrated Buddha Purnima which falls 2 days prior to Gurudeva’s Birthday.  Mantras were chanted, kheer (rice pudding) was offered to Buddha, we listened to a lovely Satsang about Buddha’s life and all ...
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