Available in CD or Digital DownloadLiberation from unconsciousness, the quantum leap. This crucial decade calls for drastic changes in our habitual patterns.Sample Audio


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This crucial time in our evolution calls for drastic changes. We are lead by our unconsciousness to carry on habitual patterns. The signs of the times are there: the greenhouse effect, pollution, diseases, and political and economical crises. We cannot be blindly positive; it is better to be realistic. We cannot individually save the whole earth but if we can be conscious, that will help our evolution.
The reality is that all past, present and future times are concurrent: our future is always with us. Each thought, word and action is recorded in the brain according to how we wish and think. This creates a so-called consciousness that is illusory and blind but which we assert to be “true.” Pure Consciousness is simplistic, dazzling and makes us free from all bondage. This is quantum spirituality.

“When we begin to recollect ourselves, to be our True Self, we begin to dissociate from the habitual patterns we have created. Therefore we cannot neglect anything, whether it is spiritual or material.”

—Swami Amar Jyoti