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Day in and day out, keep practices on. Suggest to yourself, “I have to be Awakened, a Buddha,” until you come out of your slumber of unconsciousness. Once you touch Pure Consciousness, you are free!

This melting, meditating, serenely allowing yourself to be resigned and surrendered, means what? It means you are fully concentrated at that time. That full concentration, when you touch the very bottom line, makes you zero. From there you awaken. Every time you accept, in a sense, the melting or resignation or humbly dissolving of your ego to any degree, you are actually integrating yourself. When that integration gradually becomes full, there comes a point when, all of a sudden, you come to Transcendental Awakening—Turiya. This is a part of Samadhi, spiritual absorption, merging in God Consciousness.

This brings up another topic: sometimes, even when you want to give up ego, it is not going. Therefore to break that habit we have to bring in counter-practices. That is the main reason we do practices, whether it is yoga or mantra or meditation of pranayama (yogic breathing exercises) or whatever techniques. We bring in those habits as counter-habits to cancel the previous ones.

The normal philosophy on this Earth has been that you have to go through pain, suffering, misery and struggling in order to experience, in order to make life worthwhile. But this is not necessary. With serene devotion, love, practices, regularity and the rightful way of Dharma (righteousness or living by spiritual laws), you could very joyfully and peacefully achieve the same goal.