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It is time to remember who we are and the purpose of life on earth. Let us believe and have faith, with devotion and dedication to the Goal, that we are children of Light, children of God. God is Light. Therefore first of all we have to realize Light.

We have an individual goal of life but we also have a collective purpose, which I feel is an urgent mission. A higher dedication to the Goal is needed, seriously dedicating our lives to God, Divine Mother, our Spirit, not just following a tradition.

There are many experiences, trials and sufferings in life, but in spite of all Mother is waiting there to hug us, to hold us in Her lap. As with the prodigal son, Father is always waiting. When we care for the Light, It will guide our lives. When we go wrong Divine Mother spanks us; take it that way and you won’t find fault with God. In addition to daily practices—meditation, prayer, study of scriptures, marks yoga—which are necessary, try to connect yourself back to the Light daily.

Higher beings are looking for humans to help this evolutionary process. It will be beneficial is we are open and positive to them rather than resistant, rejecting, doubting. Confusion and doubt are diseases, actually, not a solution. Divine energy does not bother about youth or old age; if you are genuinely connecting, under any conditions, you will be energized. Remember the Light and be released.
—Swami Amar Jyoti

Featured Satsang in Light of Consciousness—Journal of Spiritual Awakening, Vol 8#3, Autumn 1996.