Available in CD or Digital DownloadTwenty-four hour spiritual practice is possible every day of life. It focuses the mind, helps in our tasks and leads us to Awakening. A fulfilled, integrated life is impossible unless lived with principles. Everything is within you—Thou Art That!Sample Audio



Remind yourself that within the darkness there is always Light. It is our misconception, our ignorance that creates the struggle between God and the world, the Eternal and the finite.

There is no need to fight with the mind. There is a smooth relaxed way. Thoughts mostly have to be tackled with thoughts first. When you watch your thoughts do not put too much concentration between the eyebrows. Just relax. In a relaxed attitude you will watch your thoughts more easily and correctly. What is the use of this? Because the Real and unreal are connected and inseparable. The awakened state called Consciousness is the very basis of our unconsciousness.

Fear comes in because you do not want to lose your favorite ideas, not because these are valuable but because you are familiar with them. That is why any fear of loss is fictitious, without exception, but we still fear losing because we have been identified with those things, grasping and possessing. There is no compromise in this. If you succeed at doing this to some extent for days, weeks or months, you will be pleasantly surprised. You will get a better understanding. This is the cream of Vedanta—Brahma Satyam Jagat Mithya. Reality exists; the world is illusory. Illusion and Brahma, the Reality, are inseparable. You are leaving none, separating none, fighting none.

Faith gives you humility and the courage to persist. If you are persisting intellectually you will give up after ten days, but if you start with faith your persistence will be more stable and you will carry on. And at one point, all of a sudden, you may hit upon insight. Then in normal life you will see and understand things better. What is achieved on the inside will be achieved on the outside, in perfect proportion. Whatever degree of peace you achieve within you will experience everywhere.