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There is no deficiency, incapacity or imperfection that will not be relieved by this one central idea: feel the Presence of God. This is the Light and Consciousness that runs throughout the universe.

To God, the farthest end of the universe is the same as the center of the universe—if only we could believe that and have faith in it. In any confusion, disturbance of mind or lethargy, just say to yourself: “God is present.” He is present always, everywhere, and it is up to you to contact Him. Keep that Presence of God, the Presence of Light within you with faith. There is no darkness worth the name that Light cannot eradicate. Have you ever seen darkness overlapping light? If you bring in the light, darkness will not stay.

In your life, your job and your day-to-day duties, see that the idea of Light or Spirit or God is brought into focus so that you feel that Presence. What your feelings can tell you, no scientific instrument or discovery can tell you. God has provided us with the higher region of feelings. If you could really feel, it would tell you everything that is right and wrong with you. Feelings are not emotions; they are the astral, finer contact with the energy level. Use your feelings in a quieted mind. The faculty of feelings brings the Presence of God within you in a very sattvic or serene, purified manner.

Your relaxed attitude or mood brought in by feeling God’s Presence, the right way you act, the right way you think, the right way you feel, begin to open up this passage. Then all the blocks and resistances, including inertia, tiresomeness and laziness fly away. This is not magic; it just happens that way. And it does not need very high-class knowledge, actually. Knowledge comes after this passage is open. You will not have to give excuses for why you do things or not. You do not have to convince God or your Master of anything. They know. Only go on the right path, use feelings rightly, and move in the right direction. Your body-mind complex will begin to open up with more capacities in a very nice way.