Available in CD or Digital DownloadSpiritual warriors do not fight, they just keep going on the path. Remembrance consistency selflessness. Habit and hope versus wisdom and courage. Reaching the ultimate Goal of life. The great joy of belonging to God.Sample Audio


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Spiritual warriors do not fight; they just keep going on the path. We have to start where we are. Why Satsang, practices, prayer, meditation, yoga and pilgrimage are necessary. Consistency is one of the greatest virtues. It is faith that keeps us going forward on the path. We have to keep the Goal before us at all times, whether we receive praise or blame. We have to be peaceful and forbearing and keep our minds free from agitation. The ego is defensive and self-protective; it is the only thing that separates us from God. When we are trying hard but still not succeeding, pray to the Lord for courage and strength. Do practices daily, even if mechanical, in order to attain discipline of mind. Remind yourself that you are a seeker and do not focus on the distractions of the world. Meditation is paramount. The utmost joy is belonging to God.

“The greatest warriors on this earth are those who keep their gaze on the Goal.”

Swami Amar Jyoti