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When we deal with the subconscious mind, many things come out: pleasant and unpleasant, known and unknown. The sages have given ‘shock absorbers’ for when unbearable things come out: how to be a witness of both the good and bad. It takes years for the accumulation in the subconscious to come out.

The subconscious mind is like a storeroom where we have been dumping things since births. When we begin to clean it out, we are surprised at what we find. After some time this clearing gets interesting. At this stage we begin to ‘Know thyself.’ The Master knows which things in our subconscious we have avoided. He can link with our mind at any time and also protect us in dire times but he will not prevent all suffering. Austerities are purifying. Satsang is a rare and most blessed time; it gives us intensity for the Goal.

‘If you have dealt with the dark or negative part of your subconscious, nipped it in the bud, you will not suffer. It is better to pay the price by facing the good and bad rather than hiding.’

Swami Amar Jyoti