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Those who work hard on their minds, even though they do not look highly spiritual, God will accept first. So whatever path you are following and whatever goal you determine, please do not avoid your mind.

The main purpose of Raja Yoga is how to culture the raw material of the human mind, how to bring out its hidden tendencies, how to purify and free the subconscious mind. In order to know the Ultimate—God, Light, Bliss—we have to know all the compartments of our own mind.When you seek, when you meditate, see your mind and your subconscious tendencies. Try to analyze from where your beliefs come, from where your agitations come, your hopes and so on. That is the best practice.

We see dreams within dreams and we think we are awake. The mind’s projection is like the ocean; it is not limitless but because we do not see the other shore it seems that way. Therefore the greatest journey is through your own mind. Whatever comes, just go on climbing and traveling until the goal is reached.

I believe that the search is a wandering, from data toward the conclusion, where belief is the data and the conclusion is Enlightenment. In between is seeking, analysis, reflection, struggle and, of course, harmony. In this, stagnation has no place. Within this search we play with the conscious mind as we know it—the three-dimensional mind, which has thoughts, the survival instinct, fear of death, fear of illness, suffering, sex and appetites.

This self-analysis, churning the ocean of the mind, is very hard work and therefore many do not attempt it. They escape, they avoid, but that is the way, the only way it has to be. If you work with your mind you will understand your responsibility, what you should do and are supposed to do. That is where your question will be answered, “Who am I?” You have to face your mind. As long as you want to blame anyone or anything outside you, in my humble opinion you are not even an aspirant. See that you judge yourself first. In the years to come, whether we have peace on earth or doomsday, I believe it will be those spiritual seekers who are somewhat evolved who will make the new world. The last word is therefore humility. Therefore arrogant people often misjudge; humble people see correctly. There are many things to see when you travel through your mind.

~Swami Amar Jyoti

Featured Satsang in Light of Consciousness Vol. 19 #3, Autumn 2007