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Death is simply a renewal of life, just as we go to sleep at night and get up the next day refreshed. Our sadness is because we knew this body for decades, so that formed a link, a bond.

Normally we are afraid of death. The thought of it sends shivers through our body. We do not want to die. Even those who out of frustration choose death do it very unwillingly inside. Instead of resisting the idea of death, if you try to understand death and face it—not when you are dying but much earlier than that—you might find it quite different than you thought. As the Bhagavad Gita says, death may simply be like a change of clothes to replace the worn and torn ones. There are actually tribes who take the dead body in procession, singing and dancing in joy. Maybe death is a transition period into a new life, where we get to work further on dissolving our karmas.

Once you understand this law of nature you will not grieve. You will take the phenomena as they are. If you are trying to live eternally you are self-deluded. Get rid of delusion; see nature as it is. Krishna told Arjuna, “Try to select what is good for you, not what you want or what is dear to you. What is dear to you, preya, will one day give you pain, whether you like it or not. What is good for you, shreya, will reach you to heaven. This is an eternal law.” Pointing to the battlefield, Krishna said, “Arjuna, they are already dead. When they were born their destinies were written. You cannot change this. That is the way of maya, the illusory nature of creation. You have to accept it as it is.” Krishna told him, “Be truthful, be harmless, respect the wise people and sages. Have devotion and faith in your God and Guru. Lead your life toward the goal of God Realization.” Read the Gita again. It will make you transcend this ocean of samsara: life and death, pleasure and sorrow.