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If all the clocks and watches in the world were to stop, would time still exist? Watches and clocks do not make time, nor do they regulate time. They are simply machinery measuring a rhythmic pattern of repetition upon which we impose our conception of time.

You are giving importance to time, which works in the world but does not work in the Spirit. It works in the world because the world is illusion; illusion works within illusion. But as soon as you come to Source, Brahman, Spirit—when you be still and know—time and space stand still. Your mind stops traveling, measuring and calculating. And that is exactly the way to Realize: make your whole world stand still. If you watch waves roll upon waves, that phenomenon is exactly what does not allow you to see the water clearly. To truly see the water you have to be still and unaffected, not seeing the waves. If you succeed in that, you are Enlightened. All the movements of your mind stop. You transcend time and space. The day you attain this Realization you will see that traveling to any other place in the universe does not take time. You can disappear here and reappear billions of light years away. Time is not an entity, nor is space. Both are simply illusions.

Meditate upon the Light. Purify your heart so that your mind does not waver. Slowly and gradually—shanai, shanaiis the Sanskrit word—the distance between you and the flame will be reduced. This is the climax of Vedanta: Nothing has ever happened. You already are so. Just open your inner eye, your inner consciousness, and you will see that what you are trying to find is there, everywhere.

—Swami Amar Jyoti

Featured Satsang in Light of Consciousness—Journal of Spiritual Awakening, Vol  23#4, Winter 2011.