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The awe-inspiring adventures of an advanced seeker in the Himalayas and plains of India reveal profound truths about the role of the Satguru and the Yoga path to Enlightenment. Revised edition printed in India.


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Be mindful that no Master, however capable can help a disciple unless that disciple helps himself by his own willingness and efforts. If you were simply a blind follower you could not have accomplished all this. The task of a seeker is not merely to acquire the mechanics of certain techniques but to be. The correct psychological disposition is achieved only after you grow out of a sense of selfishness.


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Comments & Reviews

Swami Amar Jyoti has achieved a striking originality in his expressed talent not just for telling a story but also by enlightening his readers at the same time as he heightens their curiosity and enthusiasm. For its sincerity, originality and philosophical clarity this book deserves to be read again and again. Don’t miss it.

—Yoga Journal

The story is impressive. Satyakam passes through various experiences in life until at last he attains spiritual maturity, becomes an illumined sage and dedicates himself to the sacred mission of bringing spiritual peace to mankind. Powerful truths are communicated here . . . ~ Dr. P. S. Sastri, Ph.D. for Prabuddha Bharata, India

I just now finished reading [Spirit of Himalaya] and am still wrapped in its warm glow. It is a beautiful, inspiring treatise. ~ Ruth Montgomery, author of 21 books including The World to Come: The Guides’ Long-Awaited Predictions for the Dawning Age

Intellectually coherent and deeply inspiring. ~ Midwest Book Review
Appealingly written…a powerful lesson of the trials that come before the calm.
—The Book Reader

A beautiful story and an easy, wonderful way to absorb great and powerful truths. Gives the feeling of quietness and reverence for a truly spiritual journey.
—Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.)