Spontaneous poetry to awaken and delight your heart and soul. Gold stamped embossed cover, pastel pages handbound in traditional Indian manner with cord and sandalwood bead.

73 pages • 7 x 9 (cord colors vary) • ISBN 0-933572-05-0


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There is an intimacy of communication in these spontaneous expressions about Ego, God, Love, Being, which we all crave and search for . . . a refreshing message on each page. One must meditate on it and feel it within oneself.

Prabuddha Bharata
That’s the nature of the bird
of the soul;
the soul has wings
but it has forgotten
it’s in a cage.
it tries, it sees
that the cage is there,
but it gets habituated,
thinks the cage
is home.If it were the real home
it would be giving him joy
peace and freedom.
But his eyes are always out
beyond, somewhere,
knowingly or unknowingly
seeking That.
  Separation is fictitious,
you can separate
only in conception
not in realityWhen you dissolve
your conception
things are
just as real
as they could be
  In one spark of fire
there is the whole fire
it can ignite
whole cities and nations
one spark!That’s how the Truth
of one Person
from age to age
can shake the whole earth.

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