Available in CD or Digital DownloadDivine Mother is all this; She wills and becomes. Letting go in order to know. Focus on Oneness.Sample Audio


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How Divine Mother manages all this creation is beyond our conceptual understanding, incomprehensible. Creation is swayambhu—self-manifested. She does not create: She is all. She has become all this. We have to transcend the mind rather than trying to understand. Mind has its function but it is limited. There is something beyond that we have to Realize and we cannot Realize until we give up ego. She is not only the all-pervading One, She is pervadedness. When we focus on Oneness we get the secret. We have to approach Her very simply, as if knowing nothing. She is called Rajarajeshwari, the Queen of queens. Divine Mother is waiting for us to come to the threshold of unconsciousness and consciousness to lead us further. She is in us; we are in Her.

“She wills and becomes: that is creation, spontaneous. If you reach that stage where She resides, it is very simple. It is not only a play; She is a playmate also. If you would maintain the premise of Oneness you will see: She becomes all this.”

~Swami Amar Jyoti