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Religion is One as long as it is without labels. One, meaning: between you and your God, you and your fellow human beings and the rest of creation.

The seeds of war start from the assertion of mine being truth and others’ not. Even if we do not put it into action, it remains in thought form. Those who are disciples and seekers of Truth and God Realization should be bothered the least by differences of opinion. Peacefully deal with it if you can, not suppressing but keeping silent. This is one of the greatest steps toward Self Realization. I have found this to be one of the most important ingredients required to attain peace, not only our own peace but also peace around us and in the world at large.

Enlightened Beings, sages and prophets do not profess or preach a particular religion. Jesus did not teach Christianity, nor Buddha Buddhism, nor Krishna Hinduism. They gave the Word of God, exactly. Follow that. If you mind is in peace, you are unified and integrated, wholesome; you are ready for Realization. For those who want to reach Liberation, Moksha, to see God’s Light or God’s vision, this is the way. It does not need slogans or banners or much preaching. What needs preaching is how to prepare the way. Truth is the Light that shines by Itself.

Do not be antagonistic to other forms of worship. They may be all good. You and I have to follow the path. That is what I call religion, Dharma, which has no name. Those who want to be awakened, who want to be Enlightened, need to forgive, to let go. Those who want to grow spiritually, to have peace of mind, must follow the simple code: purify your heart, follow conscience, have faith in the Lord, and meditate.
—Swami Amar Jyoti

Featured Satsang in Light of Consciousness—Journal of Spiritual Awakening, Vol 11#1, Spring/Summer 1999.