Available in CD or Digital DownloadClearing and purifying the subconscious. Slaps, hugs and austerities. Accepting the verdict of Truth.Sample Audio


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How do we purify the mind? The easiest, shortest and most comfortable way is by being thoroughly honest and sincere. Then it is not very difficult and the Master helps us. The intensity of reaching the Goal demands a little hardness, which we call austerities, in order to burn the ore of the mind into pure gold. God does not really bother about what we do as long as we are with Him, as long as we are conscious.

If we harm anyone unnecessarily by thought, word or deed, we will be disturbed. When we are balanced and relaxed we are automatically harmless. We have to purify the heart and mind with faith in the Lord, by controlling of the mind, by self-reflection and meditation. When our vision gets cleared we are able to contact angels and higher Masters. They want us to be Liberated, to realize our original Bliss.

“If you really want to shine like gold, you have to put yourself in the fire.”

~Swami Amar Jyoti