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That is deep meditation, in which you settle in silent joy and allow it to grow further, to Enlightenment.

If you are genuine, prayer is a link between you and your God, between you and your Spirit. Prayer is not intricate; it is not complex or a high philosophy so that one could say, “I don’t know what prayer is.” Everyone knows prayer, even children.

God is your own, and if you believe and see it that way, if you see Divine Mother as your own Being, you will ask in a very normal way, not a remembered prayer or written recitation, but what you naturally feel. God and Divine Mother are more near and dear and intimate than anyone. Just ask—not out of pride or arrogance but in your own humble way—and God will hear.

You may have done great things and had adventures, but let me ask a simple question: What is the state of your mind now? The results will show what you have been doing. If your mind is restless, sad, disturbed, worried, tension-ridden or vengeful, you have not done much. You have been, as if, digging a well a few feet here and there, but not found any water.

Your very mind, which is disturbed or ambitious, restless or noisy, has the capacity within it to relax and be placid, peaceful. Once you exhaust your mind through various methods, purifications and austerities, the Light shines forth. God appears.

—Swami Amar Jyoti

Featured Satsang in Light of Consciousness—Journal of Spiritual Awakening, Vol 13#3, Autumn 2001.