Available in CD or Digital DownloadThe very basis of creation is pure Divine Love. In that Love we find completion, fulfillment. Prophets and Realized Souls are its embodiments. Love is the beginning, the essence of everything and, in the end, the coming Home.Sample Audio



In our social, human life, we often are unconscious of the Source from which we came, the connecting factor. Whatever the manifestation, you will always find that the basis is Love.

What is the relationship between the Creator and the creation? Something is inseparably joined between the center and the circumference, the Spirit and creation. This has been explained in Yogic science as Purusha and prakriti. Purusha is the Spirit, the Absolute; prakriti is nature or the manifestation. God and the creation are inextricably interwoven in each other. That highest manifestation of Love is the relationship through which the center and circumference exist.

Whatever the manifestation, you will always find that the basis is Love. What is it that makes the branches of a tree hold the leaves, or the earth to hold the tree’s roots? Why do the stars hurtle around each other or the planets around the sun? You may rationalize and theorize, but when you go deep into it, you will find that the answer is Love. I am not talking about Dharma, at the moment. Dharma isthe law, that which upholds creation, but Love is deeper. It is the “glue” that makes the creation possible. Love is not a virtue, it is transcendental. If ever you realize this Pure Love, you will understand all the secrets and mysteries of existence.
Why should unconditional Love be so satisfying? Because you are coming back to where you started. The creation began in Love. The tree grows and gives shade naturally; it does not project or decide to give shade. Does the sun shine to give sunshine to miserable humanity or because it loves us? Neither. It is the sun’s natural radiation to shine. That is why the greatest Enlightened Beings and the Prophets are the embodiment of Love. You cannot go from Absolute Realization to anything but loving all irrespectively. Why would Krishna, Buddha or Jesus feel the miseries of mankind? Such Beings do not merely love us—they are Love embodied.