Available in CD or Digital DownloadSeeing the Terrible as a process of transformation. The perfection of God behind all appearances. Changing our viewpoint; teaching the ego to bend.Sample Audio


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Why do cataclysmic earth changes happen? Why does God allow suffering to occur? Tidal waves, wars and destruction are part of the purifying process. The same phenomena can be seen as transformation. Lord Shiva, the transformational aspect of the Vedic Trinity, brings rebirth, new beginnings and evolution. God did not create pain. We see the world according to our own tradition and background. What if holocausts happen in order to shatter our limitations? If we change our viewpoint our attitude will change. Seeing the perfection of God behind all appearances. He is benevolent, not destructive.

“When we do not use our freedom properly, the process of transformation comes to purify us.”

Swami Amar Jyoti