Available in CD or Digital DownloadRecognizing Absolute Truth in every aspect of our lives. Making life a Yoga. The meaning and purpose of art, music, friendship, money, cooking, driving, etc. Liberation from the illusion of the non-Self. A new covenant with the Lord.Sample Audio



Whatever you do in life, see that you remember the purpose behind each endeavor and you will always gain from it. Otherwise, living habitually will not take you forward, even if well meaning. Absolute Truth can easily translate into life as long as we do not separate life from the Absolute.

Living the Divine Purpose makes you alive, joyful and free, and freedom is a treasure for which you cannot compete. When you worship God, have longing to see Him/Her. Do not meditate for meditations’ sake. Meditate for the Goal’s sake. That is the intrinsic connotation that makes anything become alive for you. God wants your love to be alive. He wants you to empty your heart and mind, to be clean and pure. Let this be a new covenant with the Lord: Thou alone. Not only about thee, Lord. Not only for Thee, but Thou alone.

Whatever we do in life can be a yoga. Bring the Absolute Purpose into your life and you will not worry about losses or gains, failures or frustrations. It is commonly said, “Life is a school,” but from the spiritual point of view we say, “Life is a yoga, a way to union.” Take life with that purpose and it will never be boring, whatever the circumstances may be. Take the losses and gains equanimously. If you can do that you have you have conquered life, because these things can no longer disturb you; you are no longer vulnerable to ups and downs. Come back to your original virgin condition where there are no conceptions, only your True Self.

—Swami Amar Jyoti

Featured Satsang in Light of Consciousness—Journal of Spiritual Awakening, Vol 9#3, Autumn 1997.