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There is a force, an energy or strength involved that is called prana. Once we release our prana from the thoughts and the feelings of life’s daily vicissitudes, our consciousness will be released. And the first symptom will be joy’ right then and there. You must have seen this as a symptom or as a proof: sometimes when you are very relaxed, your energy and consciousness begin to be released and then joy starts to rise up within you, so much so that you would not like to leave it. This is what you are seeking, isn’t it?

We are seeking that same goal through each and every thing we do except that we get very serious about things that are impermanent. Live in the world; be not of the world. How to do that? Simply pay attention, do your duties and release your energy and consciousness. For my own joy’s sake, for my own peace, for my own satisfaction and gratification, for my own loving and being loved, I would like to do that’so that I don’t have depression or paranoia; so I don’t get habituated to mechanical, day-to-day life; so I can live refreshingly and feel alive every day. So I can feel the newness of the creation and the hand of God guiding my life, as it should have been in the first place.’ ~Swami Amar Jyoti