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How can life be alive and conscious every moment? Whatever we are doing—japa, hatha yoga, meditation, karma yoga—we should be present and aware. This is sometimes called contemplative life. With presence of mind, our perspective changes. Life is transformed into Life Divine. Presence of mind ultimately leads to consciousness. This is a releasing factor. When the inner life is contemplative, we attend to outer life in completion, which is fulfilling. What is the difference between life divine and the life we live? The whole inner perspective and attitude changes so that life is transformed. Signs of becoming lighter in mind are the lessening of suffering and sorrows. We have more wisdom, joy, peace and satisfaction. The meaning of the Vedic aphorism,Aham Brahma Asmi, “I am That.”

“Just remember that God or Light is within you. You are That. Transformation is being reborn into another reality. We do not call it Liberation at that point—you are the Light!”

Swami Amar Jyoti