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“Following spiritual laws may not give us immediate success but in the long run they will. Genuine humility makes us open to the judgment or criticism of anyone, open to the truth, open to reality. That will be honest living from the bottom of the heart, from the root of our being, and it will give us real peace. You can trust such a person. No two people can think alike—that’s sure—but if we are open, if we are simple hearted, if we are truthful, even a difference of opinion will be easily accommodated. If I am a double personality, then I will not tolerate a difference of opinion. That is why eventually, after decades or a lifetime, in individuals, societies or nations, clashes and wars come—because the individuals, society or nation did not give vent to differences in a truthful and open manner.

Peace is at hand. Just be simple, the same inside and outside. Be honest, open, and love God so that you can truly love your fellow beings. Anchor yourself to your true Self and you will see that joy and peace are just in your hands. Stay on that one point: your Source, Spirit, Light, Consciousness. See that everything you do enhances your consciousness. That is the way life should be, not to go astray to accumulate or progress, but to raise your consciousness. No position or power that you cling to will evergive you peace or protect you at times of loss, of separation, of sadness or disease. But if you love God and if you truly love others, you will have consolation and tenderness inside, an assurance that nothing can trouble you. Therefore I love simplicity at the cost of anything else because it hurts no one and gives us peace.”

~Swami Amar Jyoti