Available in CD or Digital DownloadOnly the truly wise can judge. Forgiveness and humility are purifying. As soon as you genuinely forgive someone, you will relax that very next moment. Loving detachment is both wise and practical.

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In any testing situation where you feel confused and do not know what to do, be humble. The solution will come. When you are relaxed and humble, wisdom opens within you automatically. Only the truly wise can judge. Others should desist from judging and giving decisions. It is very difficult for us to judge who is religious and who is not, unless we know who we truly are. At the most we can share and try to be helpful. That is humility. Until we are perfect, we should be humble.

In order to transcend blocks, avoid resistances, escape pitfalls, and not get caught in ego trips, we need to be humble. It is only this golden virtue that gives us the inner latent power to transcend. In order to be one, we have to accept our position, our level of consciousness, where we stand and where we belong. This realistic approach is called humility. If you realize this and do not claim or demand or assume something higher or lower, you are humble. Humility eventually leads to Realization. It is humility that makes you strong, not pride.

Forgiveness is not a weakness. Only the bold can forgive. There is a scientific explanation for forgiveness. Supposing that you are stubbornly holding on to something and not forgiving. As long as you are occupied with revenge, retaliation, reaction, jealousy, competition, or simply non-forgiving, that means your mind is occupied with baser thoughts. By forgiving you renounce those thoughts, which means you are being purified. Any good that you do for others is for your own purification. Therefore, as soon as you genuinely forgive someone, you will be relaxed that very next moment. You will feel peace.

If we could just be humane, the world would be transformed. How many truly human beings have you seen? Leave aside philosophy, just be a true man and have common sense—you will have achieved a lot. And you can only have common sense when you are relaxed. We need to come back every time to our own self. Do I see myself, what I am doing, what my mind is? Am I learning from my experiences or just repeating them? Am I controlling myself and not doing what hurts me and others? Loving detachment is both wise and practical. If you are conscious you will see wisely. You have to learn to live without hurting and without hatred. Then love will fill your heart and reach to others, and it will give you comfort.

Swami Amar Jyoti

Featured Satsang in Light of Consciousness Vol. 28 #4, Winter 2016