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“In this modern age we need to take faith more realistically. Have faith that you can cure yourself. Have faith that you can have peace. If you have full, unconditional faith you can be Liberated.

You do not have to achieve anything. You have to be what you truly are. That is your Being. This is your non-being. Therefore we call it a dream, an illusion. Often I hear, “I don’t know what is inside me.” Therefore there is misery, because we do not feel that as a tragedy; that spiritual bankruptcy does not touch us. Non-being has assumed reality out of proportion. Non-being has become being, and Being has become unknown.

Just be what you are truly. That is Liberation. From what? From your own
illusions, your own fantasies. That is coming back home. That is Realization,
being One. When we begin to have faith in our ultimate Being, our true Being, then the illusion vanishes. It is only in your true Being, your sweet home, that you are truly joyful, wise, conscious and fulfilled.

~Swami Amar Jyoti

Featured Satsang in Light of Consciousness Vol. 21 #4, Winter 2009