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Does healing come from within you or outside you? Faith and conviction are needed for any healing to occur. Our whole being has to be united: body, mind and soul into one rhythm, one tune. Explanation of the three kinds of afflictions: physical, mental and spiritual. The root of all suffering is ignorance or unconsciousness.

Light is the source of all healing. When we become one-pointed on God or Light, all worries, sadness and depression vanish. Life should be giving rather than grabbing for oneself. Giving and receiving is the secret of energy. This is how the entire cosmos works. The healing process is between the soul and Spirit. We need to believe in the healing process within us.

“When the mind becomes an open and clear pipeline, the Light shines through it and it becomes a perfect instrument. This brings harmony and the body responds and becomes healthier.”

~Swami Amar Jyoti