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‘Meditate upon that which you want to be, which you want to realize. That is proper meditation, and it will never make you feel exhausted. If you are aware while meditating, it is easy. We have to give ourselves up unto the Source; our minds have to merge there. There is no need to control the mind. The more you fight with your mind, the more agitated, excited or disturbed you become. If you just stop fighting with your mind and relax, you will see that everything is fine.

Letting go and relaxing is the key to meditation. All the mysteries will be revealed to you when you merge unto your Source. Meditation is not achieving something;we meditate to merge with what we are meditating upon. This will give you divine vision, not by sitting and thinking or planning or worrying. The human being has to merge unto God, unto our true Existence. We are not lost’we become That. When a drop of water falls into the ocean, it is not lost; it becomes one with the whole ocean. A ray of light becomes the whole light. Your soul in meditation becomes one with your Creator. Oneness is the ultimate Totality. When you merge your ego the Light will shine.’

~ Swami Amar Jyoti

Featured Satsang in Light of Consciousness Vol. 22 #3, Autumn 2010