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Fear is primarily the result of two conditions of mind: either we fear losing what we have or we crave what we do not have. When we face things directly rather than escape, suppress or try to make things look different than they are, we are beingpresent. When we want to know the nature of a person, we should not make comparisons. Instead we should look at the person herself or himself; then we will not be judgmental. Facing our situations in life helps us to awaken from our unconsciousness, which is the root of fear. Fear comes out of untruth. If we are avoiding or escaping to face our mind, we are going to be fearful. There is a sweet home within us that we are all seeking. Truth is freedom.

“One truthful person—a Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Vivekananda, Ramakrishna, Saint Francis, Saint Augustine, Saint Teresa or many like that—has stood alone like a flame without any security, without any bank balance, without any doctor or even so-called relations or friendships. Such souls have stood without any armor, without excuses, without falsehoods. They have stood alone in the world and guided thousands without fear. Wherever they went, they were free souls.”

Swami Amar Jyoti