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We have to be open and humble to get communication and help from the angels. When they know that you are harmless, that you are acting according to God’s will, they will come and help you, otherwise not.

According to the Vedas, angels are called devas, in Sanskrit: “shining beings.” The masculine term is deva; the feminine is devi. Devas certainly help mankind but that is not their only purpose. We know that an angel brought good tidings to Mary. There are also many stories in the epics of India in which devas and devis come to give news or to help humanity. They are beautiful and happy beings. They live on our vibrational essence, actually. Therefore Vedic yagnas or fire rituals were performed to consciously send this essence to the devas. Therefore angels are eager to help us because part of their sustenance is dependent upon us, though they have their own ethereal soul.

When the Prophets, sages and enlightened beings come on earth, angels help a lot during their lifetimes. If you had clairvoyance, your third eye open, you could see hosts of angels or devas and devis around the Prophets and enlightened beings, helping in their work. Many times when a Son of God is coming or has come, in heaven they decide, ‘Let’s go with Him.’

Swami Amar Jyoti


Featured Satsang in Light of Consciousness Vol. 20 #1, Spring 2008