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Where there is no me, there is Light. This is the whole mystery of consciousness and unconsciousness. Just be Light.



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Sample Tracks
1 A Flame That Never Flickers
2 O Glorious Joyful One
3 In The Garden
4 You Are Like A Child  (Free Download, through the Cart)
5 The Beatitudes
6 Lord Let Me Be A Wildflower
7 Amazing Grace
8 Full With Light
9 Let My Life Be Simple
10 Fairest Lord Jesus
11 To Know Your True Reality
12 Your Love It Is The Sweetest
13 You Are My Light
14 Prayer Of Saint Francis
15 Somehow I Had The Great Fortune

This album is dedicated to my beloved Gurudeva, Swami Amar Jyoti, who inspired and encouraged us to chant God’s Name in so many beautiful ways. These Songs of Prayer and Praise take us back to sublime moments during His Satsangs when we were filled with sweetness and joy, immersed in the light and love and God and Guru. May this album fill your heart with light, love and inspiration, and may you share that light with all those in need on life’s way. —Sita Stuhlmiller

Sita Stuhlmiller’s clear, sweet voice, full of sincerity, deepens our own aspiration for God in each of these fifteen chants. Chanting along or listening quietly washes away worries and worldly concerns, and prepares the mind for meditation. This collection is a blessing for any seeker. —Leah Loveday, Light of Consciousness Journal

Vocals, guitar, synthesizer, Celtic harp and musical arrangements by Sita Stuhlmiller; Tabla by Chetna Geller; Violin improvisations by Haiden Davis. Original songs by Ronnye Russell, Betsy Sise, Susan Schugar and Sita Stuhlmiller. Live chanting recorded at Sacred Mountain Ashram & Desert Ashram. Overdubbed and mixed at Sacred Mountain Ashram. Mastered at SoundLab/DiscMakers.

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