Available in CD or Digital DownloadThe creation of this illusory world, seeing where we started all this. The ultimate answer is within. “If you know yourself, you know everything.”Sample Audio



At what point does illusion begin? Desire or maya creates illusion. We are never separate from that Oneness. Unconsciousness starts with the sense of separateness from the One. If we can observe the moment between sleeping and waking or waking and sleeping, we can perceive a veil of unconsciousness covering us, which has been called maya orDivine Mother. God created maya in order to play, in order for creation to exist.

In deep meditation, called Samadhi or Superconsciousness, you go back to your Source and find that illusion never existed. It is like a dream: illusory phenomena appeared to be reality. In Pure Consciousness we are all One. The more we are identified with desires, greed and tensions, the more unconsciousness increases and this creates suffering. The ultimate answer is found in quietude and relaxation.

“Unconsciousness is not a creation of itself; it is the negation of Consciousness. Darkness is not a creation: it is the negation of light. When you bring the light, darkness does not run away. It never existed!”