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When we are open, Truth penetrates and releases us. Then wisdom and insight are born. Transcendental knowledge applies to daily life. When Pure Intelligence—medha in Sanskrit—is born, we will see that thought and analysis was simply a process of mental curiosity and gymnastics. Ultimately it is by going beyond this process that Wisdom is born. When insight opens thekundalini awakens.

Why are virtues taught by holy people? Great souls are innocent like children. When purity and simplicity of heart is born, we are joyful and released. Everything in the cosmos is interconnected and interrelated. Individualism and selfishness are the cause of quarrels and disharmony. We need to realize that all life forms are dependent upon each other and that interdependence is the truth of unity.

“The truth that makes us free is greater than any independence we could imagine.”

Swami Amar Jyoti