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What is the secret of creation? According the Vedic wisdom, the Creator and the Creatrix are one; one has a static position and one a dynamic position, simply. The primal dynamism that pervades creation is called shakti. Why do we fall under the spell of maya, “illusion,” and how do we come out of it? The duality inherent in nature works through positive and negative poles to make creation possible. We become ensnared by the illusory aspect of maya and yet fail to realize that we are giving it the power to allure us.

The truly wise know that the whole of nature is willing to serve us if we understand her for what she is. Through meditation, we can understand the principle of male/female, spirit/nature and positive/negative polarities. The secret is to come into awareness, to awaken from unconsciousness in a smooth and relaxed manner while kindling inner qualities such as compassion, kindness and forgiveness. Coming in tune means resigning unto the will of God and Divine Mother, then God will show us how He plays with maya.

“Everything we encounter in the physical and non-physical world, including ourselves, is a manifestation of the primal energy known as the Mother force. This is why we address all of nature as Mother.”

Swami Amar Jyoti