Available in CD or Digital DownloadWe are colored by our desires and under their influence we make our decisions. Our desires, which may seem logical and sound, prompt us to think and act. Change your desires and your decisions change.Sample Audio



All weaknesses are due to desires. If we had no desires we would have no expectations. We would be happy. We would be truly free. The strongest are those who have conquered desire. Apply this anywhere. How to know while eating when we are full? When we are not controlled by desires our bodies will tell us where to stop. In any desire the mind tells us: you have to stop now; you have had enough. It is our greed, gratification or sense of enjoyment that prompt us to carry on. The more we depend upon desires and enjoyments, the weaker we become. Anything in the world is gratifying to a point. The scriptures say that we are all created from joy. So certainly everything is enjoyable to begin with, but then it does not end that way. When we do not know where to stop it turns into suffering.

As human beings we can rise from these baser elements. We can free ourselves from untruth, greed, anger, anxiety, foolishness, games of mind, betrayal and trying to look different than we are. The Vedas say: If you eat onion you will belch onion. At unguarded moments the truth will come out, whether you want it to or not. Truth shall prevail: Satyameva Jayate in Sanskrit. And whatever amount of time it takes to expose your truth, in the meantime you will be suffering. When you are alone, when you are sitting quietly, when you are listening to a piece of music that stirs you, when you are writing or reading the truth will come out.

When you truly open your heart without holding back, without blocks, desires, reservations or calculations, you will love unconditionally. You will be free instantly. It does not take time. If you are resisting the truth or Reality or God, you are blocking yourself, nobody else. You are losing what you could gain. Even if another person is not being good, just go on giving. If you want joy, freedom and strength, you have to do it. This is not only the life and the truth but the way.