Available in CD or Digital DownloadMaster is an embodiment of conscience, Viveka, the Royal Preceptor. On mind, intellect and ego. Bringing conscience to life. Sample Audio


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When you begin to follow your conscience you will see in each and every situation that you will feel more relieved, more relaxed, more peaceful and more satisfied even though you might have lost certain things that your mind wanted.

The Guru or Master is your available conscience but it depends upon how open you are and how much faith and devotion you have. To the degree you are purified, you will hear the voice of conscience. The difference between your Master and your conscience is that you are not able to see conscience; your Master you are able to see. The Guru’s role transcends this, however. He goes further to lead you to spiritual realization, the Goal of life.

According to yoga theory, the function of mind is to want and not want. Mind says “I want it” or “I don’t want it” and ends there. It is conscience that tells us what we should or should not do. If this conflicts with mind or intellect then it is up to the ego to decide. Most of us follow the mind. Therefore we have disease, decay, suffering misery quarrels, separations and all kinds of what the Buddha would call suffering.

When the mind and senses listen to the conscience, we form a habit of referring to conscience and doing accordingly. Then gradually the mind and senses get purified and we begin to be transformed. If you are simple and truthful, things are really easy. Purify your mind and heart and you will understand not only the things of the world, you will enter the kingdom of God. You will see the pure Light. Wipe the mirror of your mind and in that mirror you shall see the face of God.

~Swami Amar Jyoti

Featured Satsang in Light of Consciousness Vol. 19 #3, Autumn 2007