Available in CD or Digital DownloadThe Yogic science of force and energy, creation and evolution, relativity and Reality. Relationship of the soul and Pure Consciousness. Transmigration, Liberation and Enlightenment.Sample Audio


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In Yogic science, the energy or life force by which we exist is called prana. The sages divided this prana into five major functions according to its direction or movement. Since these upward and downward forces create birth and death, the sages tried to unite them in order to create immortality. They discovered that all the energy that drives creation comes from this prana, including the sun. We call the source of this energy shakti, which is also called Mother Nature or Divine Mother.
God’s creation is a perfect science. We cannot play with nature unknowingly or we can be damaged by it, just as not anyone can play with a nuclear reactor. The creation is perpetuated by expansion and contraction. Liberation, according to Vedanta, is not the last stage. After Liberation the ultimate is to merge into the ocean of Light.

“In each and every particle, every nucleus, in you and me, the same Reality, the same Consciousness, the same Truth, the same Light is continuous throughout. You can multiply from one atom the whole universe. Imagine, in the beginning of creation, that God was One. How, from that One, did universes spring up? If that was possible at that end, it is again possible at this end. You are the universe.”

~Swami Amar Jyoti