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“To attain Liberation, you have to be so unwavering that you come to a standstill: Be still and know. This makes you free from the bondage of space and- time conceptions. That is your True Self. To some, “be still” means doing nothing, like a stone. Stones, however, are not still—they are just inert. Stillness is alive, conscious. If it were not, how would you know? The goal of human existence is Liberation, being Divine. Yet we have seldom even realized the nobility of human nature, which must come first. There is much dross, animalism, in human nature still; much is crude and uncultured. We try to be cultured in dress, food and architecture, but we attend much less to the culturing of our minds. Of course, some do, but not on as large a scale as one would expect. It is the nobility of human nature that will reveal to us the actual purpose of life.

Without churning, butter does not come out. You cannot have Liberation while bypassing your mind. This churning of the mind is necessary in order to get the “butter” of Liberation. It is inner virtue and purity that give strength to our backbone and heart. This is what makes us truly a human. If that alone we could do, our brotherliness, peace and joy will naturally come back. We have narrowed our lives too much for nothing. When we will understand this—the purpose and destiny of human nature—I humbly feel that earth will be heaven, and so will be our lives.”~Swami Amar Jyoti