Available in CD or Digital DownloadThe incarnation of Lord Krishna, the Divine Play of Perfection in every aspect of life. Why Krishna came to Earth, His life story, and the fulfillment of His great mission.Sample Audio



The incarnation of Lord Krishna was the divine play of Perfection in every aspect of life. How—like Jesus, Rama and Buddha—are the lives of such great souls are still fresh after centuries? Their consciousness and love is so expanded, it permeates space and time. The Prophets are not limited; they come in a human body in order to communicate with us on our level. The Vedic term for their radiance is Virat Swarupa: the Universal Form of God.

The Hindu Trinity includes three aspects of God: the Creator, the Preserver and the Destroyer or Transformer. The Preserver is Vishnu or Narayan, who incarnates on the earth according to the needs of the times. Krishna was the eighth avatar of Vishnu who lived 5000 years ago in India. In this Satsang, Krishna’s life is revealed in fullness, including many stories and anecdotes: Radha-Krishna, the immortal love between the soul and God, Krishna’s play or leela with devotees, life as a king in Dwarka and final years prior to the beginning of the Vedic Kali Yuga (the Iron Age or Machine Age) in which we are presently.

“Krishna’s life is living proof of one who has perfected the Self. When you reach that Enlightened state, you govern the laws of the universe; you are omnipotent.”

Swami Amar Jyoti