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As long as there is ego, you will have karma, the cause and effect sequence recorded in the akashic record of your mind, each and every word, conscious or unconscious thought, every moment.

If there were no physical forms, no vibrations, no movement, there would only be a quiet, calm, unruffled, waveless ocean, which is the Substance. Now in that calm, you will. That act of willing produces a motion that creates a wave that is so powerful, it bifurcates into many waves, which are actually thoughts. From those thought-waves, the cause and effect sequence continues. In this physical and vibratory phenomenon, the sequence carries on perfectly. Many thinkers find it enigmatic that this illusion, this maya, this holographic world, which is so fleeting and changeful, is perfectly based upon laws. And as long as we are thinking, we will not get the answer. The answer is where you perceive directly.

Karma remains as long as the vibratory body exists, until you again have a clean slate where Pure Consciousness reigns. There is a science involved in this, by which I mean omniscience. Sometimes the rationality of the present-time circumstance cannot explain things, and although you do not appreciate the results, look at the beauty of God’s creation. Suppose a karma has been chasing you since years or your last birth. Perhaps you did a few things you did not admit to doing, or you deliberately avoided facing. Even if you are ignorant of this or you receive consequences you do not like and probably think you do not deserve, the beauty of karma is that the result is bound to do you good, to be purifying. There is no hurt, not pain or misery that is useless. It must carry with it this benevolence of purifying you, even though seemingly you suffer. The only difference is that some have simple suffering and some have compound suffering.

There are three ways to be free from karma: one is devotion, one is knowledge, the third is science. In between is karma yoga, the path of selfless action, because we have to do something in the meanwhile. You cannot stop everything and just sleep. Whichever path you follow, karma yoga is involved. Whichever path you are following, whether science or devotion or self-inquiry, that purification of heart will help you. This is how the prodigal son finds his sweet home or the wandering soul returns home. Ego merges into the Spirit; the phenomenon merges back into the Substance; the wave resides back into the ocean.