Retreat with Swami Amar Jyoti

Keep your eye on the Light and remind yourself of your goal. Any other thoughts or activities that come, don’t try to analyze. In this way your relationships, activities and thoughts will go on reducing their importance and the Light within you will go on clearing your way.


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In these sublime Satsangs (Sanskrit: communion with Truth) given during a Retreat by Swami Amar Jyoti, we learn that whatever our life conditions, we can rededicate ourselves to the goal of Enlightenment. This gives us new strength, vigor and stamina in our seeking. There is a fire or light of our inner Self that resides within. God is Light, therefore first of all we have to realize Light. If we want to serve the cause of Light, of peace on earth, harmony, love and freedom of the soul, we need to remain serene, peaceful and patient. When we care for the Light, it will guide our lives.

How can we live in the world and keep our mind and heart on our path? Meditation and mantra have to be part of our lifestyle. Spiritual practices bear fruit only when we are relaxed and in the proper frame of mind. There are two ways to get to the Light; the easiest and most rapid way is one that very few take. Light is a vision by itself, a revelation. Light is within us, surrounding us, all the time. When we catch the feet of the Lord, everything is ours.

Satsangs in this Retreat:

1 Higher Dedication
2 Children of Light
3 Purification toward Enlightenment
4 Merging into Light

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