Available in CD or Digital DownloadIncessant prayer. Taking God’s Name with every breath, inherent power awakens, miracles happen, ego dissolves, Reality shines.Sample Audio


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There is a force behind what we call life: jivan shakti in Sanskrit. When this jivan shakti is used in the repetition of God’s name or a mantra or an idea, your latent creative powers begin to flourish, which gives rise to joy, peace and wisdom.

We live not by physical age but by the age of the prana, the life force, which regulates breathing: inhalation and exhalation. Because of this, the age of the physical body is not important. If you can repeat the name of God with each breath, it means your life force is being totally utilized for God. And when that happens everything changes—whatever you call worries, sorrows, sufferings, imperfections or deficiencies are all being eradicated.

Thinking has become your habit, a part of your nature, so it goes on in spite of whatever else you are doing. In the same way, when repeating the name of God—whichever name is dear to you or a thought or an idea—in the beginning it will affect your outside activities.

That is incessant prayer, incessant repetition of God’s name, incessant faith, incessant love, incessant devotion, incessant positivity—and it works wonders.