Available in CD or Digital DownloadMaking peace with the mind first, then asking the way out. In the Great Stillness, I AM merges into all-pervading Consciousness.Sample Audio


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When the mind becomes completely still, it returns to its true form: Consciousness. What becomes of the mind? It simply dissolves. That is Enlightenment.

We call the mind “illusion,” but it has reality when it is moving. If you can imagine the mind merging into its Source: nothing happens to it. It is not born; it does not die. The moving waves of thoughts, memories, restlessness, disturbance, et cetera, are simply quieted. When the movement of mind becomes completely still, that is Enlightenment. If you want to really see it, you have to realize it, to be Enlightened. While mind is mind, it is dualistic, so there are ups and downs. The mind has its own multiplicity that we call the “world.” When that dissolves completely, it reverts back to the non-dualistic Absolute. While there are waves, they are never separate from the Substance from which mind is born. A wave cannot be taken out and put somewhere else. It dissolves into the Source. So the difference between dualism and non-dualism is nil. If you are playing it is dualism; if you are not playing it is non-dualistic. When you get identified as a mind with thoughts and desires, you lose the pure Consciousness of the Absolute. This is where “sins” or ignorance or degradation starts. So please do not take mind and Enlightenment as two separate things.

Active consciousness is mind; still consciousness is Enlightenment, Samadhi. So mind is not something devilish. It has relativity of dark and light, pain and pleasure, mine and not mine, friendship and enmity, hatred and love. When you return to your pure Consciousness, your “sweet home,” you have no enmity for anyone, or attachment, repulsion, pain or pleasure. Mind is “you” for the time being during that activity or agitation, as when wind stirs the water. And because you are watching it, you are identified with the drama or play going on. You see the drama of mind like watching so many waves on the seashore. It is attractive. You become involved, believing it has meaning and dimensions, and that is what we call life.

Swami Amar Jyoti

Featured Satsang in Light of Consciousness Vol 19#2, Summer 2017