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The ultimate aim of all paths is to still the mind. Whichever tradition you follow, whether it is Vedanta, the path of devotion, Zen Buddhism, Vipassana, Christianity or Hinduism, at the end of every path you will see that the mind has to quiet down and come to stillness. When you attain stillness, whatever the outer differences of doctrines, paths and religions, you will find Oneness.

Restlessness of mind creates motion, which creates ignorance and unconsciousness. When you relax and still your mind—all thoughts, emotions and excitements—you slow the speed or vibration. Then you come to the basis of those motions. And when you come to complete stillness of mind, we call it superconsciousness. As you begin to still your mind, your subconscious will open and many things will come out: negative, positive, good and bad. You will be wonderstruck that these existed in you. When you succeed in stilling the totality of your mind, then your true Self is revealed.

Quieting the mind is the most heroic act. This is the purpose of all practices. When you quiet the mind you come to absolute silence where time and space do not exist. You are instantly anywhere and everywhere. Everything is within your Being, unlimited Brahman. To reach that pure silence you have to go through your mind, and that is where all the horrors come up! We do not want to face our minds, at least not willingly. Therefore the most difficult exercise for anyone is to face one’s own mind. That is where your whole wealth is. If God were outside your mind, you would not need to go through it. But everything is within your mind. Where there is no mind there is no concept of God. If you cannot face your mind you are avoiding truth and you will not get anywhere. That is where you find your Truth and Reality.

—Swami Amar Jyoti


Featured Satsang in Light of Consciousness—Journal of Spiritual Awakening, Vol 24#1, Spring 2012.