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“Emptying the mind is the greatest activity. It seems as if you are doing nothing. It seems like escapism and selfishness to those who are egocentric. But only one among millions can do it. It is not meditation techniques that help you meditate; it is emptying the mind. Please remember this. An unobstructed flow of meditation leads you to the Light. You cannot go on filling your mind with worldly thoughts and also have peace. If we are ambitious about things in this world, when we sit for meditation the mind pours it all out. Simplicity of heart transcends philosophies. It takes you to innocent joy and keeps your mind on the Lord, on the Light, and that is so attractive that nothing else will ever satisfy you again.

We can have peace and joy in one day if we simplify our minds. Whether you get rid of your accumulated things or not is immaterial. The mind has to be simplified so that it does not trouble you. I think entertainment is escapism, avoiding the main issue. If your mind is on your ideal, I don’t think you need entertainment. Focus on your Goal and see if you don’t get joy. Simplify your heart and meditate upon the Light. Everything else shall follow. In the beginning you have to hold onto one thought in order to dissolve other thoughts. But when only the thought of Light or your Lord remains, that thought dissolves into Realization.”

~Swami Amar Jyoti