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Dharma exhausts your karmas. By doing according to spiritual or natural law, you get more and more detached to desires and selfish actions. It cuts asunder your chains or bondage of karmas.

When we speak of making God Number One or of living the spiritual life, what does it mean? The spiritual way is not against using matter as a whole but for reducing our dependence on it. Material life may remain in fullness, but you do not use it in a haphazard manner according to what you want and like. To have the material life in fullness we have to use matter according to dharma, righteousness, where there is a utility sense and respect for everything in nature, which is Mother Divine. But your aim and purpose do not end there. In your mind you hold to the purpose of joy, of the Spirit, of God, the highest in you, and then live the material life proportionally, where it belongs. That is what in America you call “God first” or doing for Number One, which in Sanskrit is Brahmasatyam.

Try to understand the material without condemning it. If I cannot see you, me, and everything around me as Divine Mother Nature, I am doomed. Therefore I have respect for everything. Turn your thinking around a little bit: how many things, how many relationships, how many enjoyments and pleasures have you had? I am sure you can fill a whole notebook. The Vedas have called it insatiability. That is what is making you lonely. Because the things you were searching for through materialism are not there but you are still seeking them. You are trying to chew gum after it has lost its sweetness. It is just rubber. That chewing gum has become shiteela, which in Sanskrit means it is no longer capable of giving you satisfaction.

We have to change our outlook and values so that we do not remain materialistic. If we want freedom from boredom, pain, misery, heaviness, worries, anxieties, fears, then the only solution is to change ourselves. Make God first again. It may sound like an old religious adjunct but it is perfect. After you make your focus or goal God, Spirit, your values change. You become charitable, forgiving, magnanimous, looking to the brighter side of being and never getting icky and weary and weird. You look upward, like a bird to the sky, to the Spirit, to God within. And that is your goal: to feel lighter, freer, joyful and peaceful, to attain higher liberation of the soul.