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‘The physicists and scientists of today have described the movement of particles as a dance. What they are trying to discover is the dance of Lord Shiva. When you dance and sing the name of God, your kundalini begins to rise, your nervous system gets lighter, your mind gets purified, and humility is the natural outcome. This is the path of devotion’where you lose yourself in singing God’s Name.Sing the glory of the Lord; or go on analyzing and rationalizing until you come to faith and surrender; or drop into silence and surrender and you will awaken as a fully conscious being, solid as the Himalayas. Storms may come and go but the Himalayas won’t move.

When you drop into that silence, you awake as shining Light. Actually you come back to your original Self. And in that Realization you will see how the creation is happening in a dancing form. Where there is no fear, no shyness’there you joyfully merge unto your Lord. We call it ancient, eternal, infinite. There is a stage when you will experience creation as a dance.’

~Swami Amar Jyoti