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According to yogic science, when the ego was created it formed the mind, and the mind formed the body and the senses or perceptions of the gross world. All of this involved action or karma. The power of motion in any action, since it has a beginning and an end, stops somewhere and then it begins to rebound.

At the point that a reaction from an action is set in motion, that particular karma emerges out of the subconscious with its own force and motion. It emerges at the exact time and the place because all karmas�action-reaction�are dependent upon time and space. If you have gone beyond time and space, you are free of karma. The circular motion of karma is such that it will meet or converge whether we are conscious of it or not. The science of knowing the past, present and the future, including reincarnation, is a part of Raja Yoga and is known to yogis who successfully concentrate on the subconscious mind in meditation. And no wonder then that they can guide, they can show, they can see.

If you were to evolve by the natural course of karma and reincarnation to reach Enlightenment, it would take millions of years. Therefore the yoga path and various spiritual paths and practices have been given by prophets, gurus, guides and angels to hasten the exhaustion of your karmas. Gradually you come out of it without having to wait for the natural course of your karmas to exhaust, to come to that high, golden shore of consciousness.

~Swami Amar Jyoti